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Best Dentist in Vallejo, CA - Alex Chaney, DDS

Dr. Alex Chaney

Dr. Alex grew up here in Vallejo and is proud to be back in his home community serving the people he grew up with. Dr. Alex understands what an exceptional community Vallejo is, and wants to bring the honesty and high-value care that the people of Vallejo deserve. Dr. Alex favors a minimally invasive approach, with an emphasis on integrity, communication, and long-term stability.

Dr. Alex Chaney graduated from the University of the Pacific, Dugoni School of Dentistry located in San Francisco, in 2017. He completed his undergraduate training at UC Riverside with a BS in Mechanical Engineering before entering dental school in 2014. 

Dr. Chaney aims to blend the old and new worlds of dentistry to provide the best of each, which includes the proven metal dentistry that has been around for decades, with the newer ceramics and bonding innovations that make modern dentistry ultra-esthetic. Dr. Chaney is constantly taking the latest continuing education courses to continually improve and grow as a provider, including courses in implant dentistry, implant supported prosthetics, sleep apnea and TMD treatment. Dr. Chaney has recently been training in digital dentistry including 3D printing, as well as minimally invasive ceramic restorations.

He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), and the California Dental Association (CDA). Dr. Chaney also serves as president of the local Napa-Solano dental society. 

More recently, Dr. Chaney has trained in treating chronic headaches and migraines. Find out more here.

When Alex is not doing dentistry, he is often hiking, camping, biking or just hanging out with his wife Eli. He enjoys many hobbies, including ceramics, painting, creating jewelry, working on his bonsai trees, and woodworking. He is self-taught on most of these interests, and is often exploring new ideas and fields. Ask him what he's working on right now!

Victor Chaney, DDS - Vallejo, CA Dentist

Dr. Victor Chaney

Dr. Chaney graduated from Dental School at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Dentistry in 1977, receiving the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. For his undergraduate training, he attended the University of California at Riverside, and received his bachelor's degree in Physics.

Dr. Chaney is strongly committed to education. He continues his dental education with regular attendance at post-graduate courses, so that he may stay abreast of current developments in dentistry.

He is a member of the California Dental Association, and the American Dental Association.

If dentistry does not keep him busy enough, then he has plenty of other interests to keep him out of trouble as well.

He enjoys his family, with his wife Sharon, and his two boys Alex and Neil. The family enjoys hiking, camping, boating and scouting together. Everyone enjoys making things, as you can see on the art web site.

He is an Assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout troop 77, and loves to spend time with the scouts. With the scouts he enjoys hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and many other activities.

He also plays music in a country band called The Desert Moon Band. He applies his artistic talents, assisted by some of the skills he learned in dentistry, to some unusual creations. His interests in electronics, computers, metalworking and woodworking are mostly self-taught. He likes making things so much, that when he first learned about what dentists do and how much creating things with his hands was involved, he said "This looks like the profession for me!".

Drs. Alex and Victor are also artists. They create music, jewelry, machines and all sorts of other art.


Our Staff

Here you can meet Dr. Chaney's staff. He thinks that they are the best, because they can work wonders at making a person's dental visit as pleasant as possible.


Mary is the Office Manager. She takes care of reception, telephone, appointments, and all of the other business of a dental office. She never loses her cool, and is loved by our patients because she is so helpful and nice to everyone. She is an expert at her job, and is a real authority on insurance. Dr. Chaney thinks nobody does it better!


Diane is the always proficient, and oh-so-gentle hygienist. She is regularly getting rave reviews about how thorough she is, how gentle is her touch, and how clean our patients' teeth feel after she is done. She loves to laugh, and has a great sense of humor. No wonder she is so loved by our patients!


Shirley is Dr. Alex Chaney’s assistant and is excellent at keeping the office running in top shape. She does sterilization, chairside assisting and taking x-rays. Shirley is often the first clinical person patients see for Dr. Alex and is very much appreciated! In her off time, Shirley enjoys travel, shopping, eating, laughing and gathering with family and friends, and sightseeing


Kris is Dr. Victor Chaney’s assistant. She does chairside assisting, x-rays, and keeps sterilization running. Kris enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not in the office


Kristina is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable hygienist! They're dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals and teaching you something unique about your own mouth to appreciate. They have a special interest in holistic and preventive treatments, and enjoy the journey of getting people acquainted and devoted to their oral health! In their free time, Kristina enjoys exploring nature, dancing, cooking (eating too!), and gawking at their pets.

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