When you wake up, do you feel wonderful?


Man waking up with a migraine headacheDid you know that it is normal to wake up with no pain above the shoulders? It turns out as many as in 7 people have some sort of headache. Many of these are treated by physicians and neurologists with little no improvement, and treatment of symptoms only. Aggressive medications like topiramate and botox are used to only moderate improvement.

The NTI therapeutic protocol uses a dental orthotic to treat and prevent migraines and headaches. It turns out many migraines are caused primarily by clenching and grinding. Other triggers certainly have an effect, but often when we can remove clenching and grinding from the equation, the other triggers are much less likely to product a headache. Many people clench and grind without even being aware of it.

Dr. Alex Chaney has been trained by Dr. Boyd himself on the complete therapeutic protocol, including chairside and laboratory fabricated splints. If you get headaches of any kind, see us for a consultation to find out if you are a candidate for NTI treatment. Many of our patients suffered from migraines for years or even decades, and were surprised to find how effective our treatment is.

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